About Me
Thank you for visiting my site. I am Ross Brown, owner and creator of Romberworks. As a teenager, in the late 80's, I worked in the automotive industry restoring many classic vehicles including firetrucks, two of which are in the FASNY Museum of Firefighting in Hudson NY. After work I stayed busy working on many of the estates in the Hudson Valley. It was at this point I began to appreciate and understand true craftsmen and fine woodworking. 
I began to build furniture using the styles and techniques used in the beautiful homes and furniture I had become familiar with. After more and more people asked me to fabricate projects for them, I decided to open my own custom woodworking and cabinetry shop.
Ross Brown owner of Romber Works LLC
I started out in smaller shops. As my clients grew, my need for more specific tools and equipment grew. This required a larger shop. 
My early Drawings were drafted by hand to meet each customers specific needs. To be more efficient, I began using CAD software.
I now take all those years of experience and personally meet with you in your home to come up with the perfect solution to fit your needs and wants. Then I send you CAD drawings and 3-D renderings to review.
Usually after some revisions (every project is a collaboration of ideas) we can schedule your project. 
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What I Do
detailed services
  • CAD drawings
  • Fabrication (true custom design)
  • Installation
  • Minor tile
  • Minor electrical
  • Minor plumbing
  • Solid surface and butcher block counter tops
  • Full selection of hardware and cabinet components
  • Granite samples and I work directly with the granite supplier on your behalf
  • Fine finishing paints and stains
How I Work
I have a 4000 sq. ft. shop with just about everything I need for every project. I rely heavily on my dust collection systems both in my shop and in your home. Most of my portable tools connect to portable dust collectors.
I have a professional spray booth so your lacquer finish comes out great.
Some projects require more help in order to complete it in a timely fashion. To accomplish this I have a number of high end contractors I work with to handle such needs.
Although I provide many services myself, I also work with many architects, designers and contactors selected by you the home owner.
Romber Works cabinet shop, woodworking shop
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